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Frequently Asked Questions regarding maXzie

For which company size and industry is the compensation with maXzie suitable?

We have large international corporations with hundreds of licenses as customers, but also smaller retail companies that use licenses in the single-digit range. Maxzie can be optimally used in every company size and in every industry: e.g. consulting companies, banks and insurance companies, retail, pharmaceutical companies, fast-moving consumer goods, manufacturers of goods in the B2B and B2C sectors, manufacturing industry, heavy industry, automotive industry, solar industry, vehicle manufacturers, logistics industry, construction industry, medicine, public service, municipalities, hospitals, care facilities, manufacturers of industrial machinery, service companies, publishing industry and many more.

Which types of compensation can I optimize and pay with maXzie?

maXzie supports you and your employees in all types of variable salary components such as variable bonuses, bonuses, commissions, performance allowances, performance pay, incentives or other compensation incentives. Regardless of whether these are monetary or immaterial, i.e. non-monetary. In maXzie, different types of variable compensation can be combined as desired. Variable salary components with commission. Commissions with bonuses, performance allowances with bonuses, variable salaries with incentives and so on.

Which types of goals or KPIs can I compensate with maXzie?

With maXzie you can make almost all types of goals visible, compensate and above all combine: Quantitative goals, Qualitative goals, Performance allowances, Performance bonuses, Performance pay, Action goals, Activity goals, Diligence goals, Personal performance appraisal goals, Project goals, Individual goals, Team goals, Company goals and Strategic goals. Alternative terms for this are also: Performance-oriented goals, success-oriented goals, performance-oriented goals, results-oriented goals, value-oriented goals, competence-oriented goals.

What is special about maXzie?

In the area of “variable and performance-oriented salary components”, maXzie supports all processes that are necessary to achieve and exceed goals to a high degree. MaXzie provides daily target achievement levels and the associated daily premium levels across all types of goals - also on the smartphone and even before the end of the respective sub-goal period. maXzie answers the most important question for performance-oriented compensated employees and their managers: “Where do I/we stand, what is still missing, to achieve the goal?”, “How high is my bonus?”. An integrated bonus calculator answers the question: “How much performance do I still need to receive the maximum bonus?”. This motivates and focuses on exceeding the set goals. But also in areas where it is “only” about a performance allowance, a bonus or an on-top bonus, the high transparency of maXzie ensures that the employees are more motivated. A monetary compensation incentive, but also a non-monetary appreciation, contributes to a higher satisfaction of the employees.

What happens if I deposit my goals in maXzie for a whole year, but unexpected developments require corrections?

A good compensation system is as lively as the market. Here maXzie provides you with everything you need: Adjustments of goals, salaries, premium guarantees, etc. during the year are possible at any time and can be billed on a daily basis.

How can I react with maXzie if new opportunities arise on the market?

We recommend always keeping a little budget in reserve. If a new opportunity or necessity arises on the market, you can set up suitable short-term bonus-on-top goals in maXzie with just a few clicks to focus your employees exactly where there is the most to gain - so everyone wins! You can fully rely on the strengths of maXzie when sudden events in the market or with competitors require quick action and readjustment of your compensation system. Without support or assistance from the in-house IT, any additional incentives can be created that can be tracked immediately on the surface, on smartphones and in the billing reports.

We would like to pay variable compensation, but there are concerns on the part of the workforce/works council, what are your experiences in this regard?

We have many customers who have involved executives and responsible members of the works council in the selection of the software program for variable compensation. We have only received very positive feedback so far. The enormous transparency that maXzie offers to performance-oriented compensated employees is appreciated. It is of enormous advantage to involve all parties very early in such a project.

I have a compensation concept from a management consultant, can I still use maXzie?

In principle, it is advantageous to work out an individual compensation concept with a specialist, if your budget allows. As a rule, professionally created compensation concepts can be implemented 1:1 with maXzie. We are also happy to exchange ideas with your compensation consultant on this. On request, we can also arrange an expert for your individual requirements.

How long does the introduction of maXzie usually take?

This essentially depends on the circumstances of our customers. Normally, a project takes between two to four weeks. But we have also brought companies to the start within 7 days. Through our standard interfaces, your IT can easily ensure the regular transfer of actual data.

Are my premium data safe in maXzie?

Absolutely. Regardless of whether you use maXzie in your company (on premises) or in the cloud. In the cloud, we work with Microsoft AZURE. Microsoft Azure is one of the safest cloud computing services worldwide. The data of our customers are hosted securely, exclusively in compliance with the GDPR and in Germany.

Who is behind maXzie?

maXzie is a product of News Innovativ GmbH in Miltenberg. The company is privately owned. The two managing directors Stefan Rüttiger and Charles Henri Rüttiger are the owners of the company founded in 2015. Within their group of companies, which has existed for almost 40 years, they have been using self-developed software for variable compensation for years. maXzie was developed exclusively in Germany with numerous customers as development partners - large and small companies.

How does maXzie pay off?

maXzie is designed in such a way that many components lead to an increase in acceptance of performance-oriented compensation among employees and managers, a focus on goals and a high level of motivation. This greatly supports goal achievement and leads to goals being more easily exceeded. In addition, there is an extremely time-saving and efficient calculation and billing of your premiums and variable salaries. Where in some companies weeks of billing runs and premium calculations are necessary, maXzie customers are pleased to do everything with 3 mouse clicks. maXzie therefore pays off very quickly, as our customers attest. (see testimonials).